Carving out “Me Time” it’s not what it used to be.


Most times, when I think about me time, I think about getting some peace and quiet, away from EVERYONE and the hustle and bustle of every day life. A massage, a manicure…But… as I get older and my life is calming down a bit, a very little bit, I find I need less alone time.

Don’t get me wrong, I love reading on the beach alone with my thoughts and my journals, watching the waves and feeling the stress melt away. But…it doesn’t take too many days or hours before I start to return to my center. I turn around in my mind on a spiral, back to the love center of my spirit and remember the joy filled days of the past , while  anticipating the ones to come.

There is no better way to access your inner beauty and share it with those around you than sharing laughter and joy with those you love. Family and friends, keep us grounded and centered, even with all their foibles and faults.These are the treasured moments, the rewards for the hard work of survival in a too often, cruel world. Soon my children will all be out of the nest and I will be  more free, and happily moving into my “Regency ” as a mature woman, reaching for continued growth and  fulfillment.

Life is short, let’s remember that beauty is indeed more than skin deep and exists for us to partake of every day, if we can slow down enough to see it. So take that time alone, that nap, that massage, that walk, but when the spiral begins to pull you back into love, don’t resist, rejoice.

Oh yes, I’ll still go to the gym, continue on my nutrition program, use my Nerium products and build my skin care business, but I m happy to realize that my “Me Time,”  is transforming into being with, and share precious time with those I love. You never know how much you have left.

( If your interested in what I’m doing in skin care while I’m getting a Ph.D and producing a TV pilot, checkout my first post.)


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