If opportunity knocks, for your sake, open the door!

I have a very busy life. No busier than yours, or anyone else’s, I would guess, if we compared day planners! We all get caught up in the mad scramble of life. It is interesting though. I have recently realized that I am much more productive when I avoid social media. Duh! You say? Well that’s tough when I rely on social media for promoting one of my businesses. And my Blogs, LOL! I log onto Facebook to check up and get drawn in to animal posts, environmental advocacy posts, political posts, and the next thing I know I have wasted precious time. Time is the one thing we cannot get back— and in the end— will not have enough of! Last year I had the opportunity to join an amazing company— and at my own pace— begin to build a part time business. It has given me back all that I have put into it and I look 10 years younger! (That’s always a perk!) I have told many of my friends and family about the ongoing ground floor opportunity with this company. In the first year of business this new upstart company did 100 Million in sales with one product in one country. In their first years of business Victoria’s Secret -.5 Million Google- .8 Million Apple- 2 Million Microsoft 3.5 Million This year, in our 4th year of business, we will aim to hit a BILLION in sales . It took Microsoft 15 years to do that. ( re-read this line for impact 🙂 ) Going back in time , knowing what you know now, would you buy Apple? Google or Microsoft? What would it mean to your TIME FREEDOM if you had done so? Would you have more financial freedom? I THINK SO! Financial freedom= time freedom. Time freedom is what I crave. Time to spend with my family. Quality time to spend with my kids, at home, or on a vacation- for as long as I choose, not a Job mandated two weeks. I love working from home in my PJ’s and helping other people to achieve the same time and financial freedom. I plan to  build a legacy for my kids. I’ll do it by helping other people just like me and you, do the same thing— by building residual income— with the coolest, most sincere, people-building company around. If you would like more information on this amazing company Nerium International… go on the web, and do some research, or go to my web site- or both- http://www.softskin4u.nerium.com or message me here. I’d love to help you get started. This is not a get rich quick scheme, it takes some work, building your own business does, but it’s well worth it. Do you smell that, on the cool evening air? Oh, yeah- that’s the smell of Freedom. xxoo Andrea 10442496_10204612311840314_6077873197252887938_n 10363525_10205730302557825_8140520230360850712_n-1


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